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Noreen Coomey, Transition Coaching & Psychotherapy

“By listening, interacting, asking the right questions, Noreen is able to steer (restructure) one's own line of thought in such a way that you start seeing the light for yourself (self-help by guidance)”.


AB 2019


“I attended Noreen for counselling for anxiety and panic attacks. Noreen gave me methods and techniques to help me manage the panic and anxiety, which helped me greatly. I felt comfortable talking to Noreen and have no problem recommending Noreen to others”.


CC 2017


“I was nervous about visiting and speaking with my counsellor at the beginning. I found it difficult to talk about what was going on for me and was worried about articulating my thoughts. 

Through the counselling sessions I was given the skills to challenge my thought process and think in a more realistic way. This is a much healthier (and easier) approach to living. Of course, this is a process and through my counselling sessions I am equipped with the skills to manage stressful times and enjoy the happier ones. I highly recommend meeting with a counsellor to ease the journey along the way, it has been such a positive aspect of my life and a great gift I have given myself”.


CL 2018



70 euro per session

If you have a problem at work, in your relationship or with life in general and have tried to solve it on your own without success then you may need my assistance.  I have the training and experience to help you make sense of your dilemma and identify steps you can take to resolve your problem.

Sat on the Rocks


150 euro per session

This structured method identifies your goals and steps to take towards outlining strategies, increasing performance and optimising effectiveness to achieving those goals. You are the expert on your own life and we will work with your agenda.

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