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Plumbing for your Brain

Coaching & Psychotherapy provide plumbing for your brain – to figure out what is not working, what is working, and what needs to be adjusted.

Seventy per cent of our stress is caused by how we view the situation, thirty percent by the actual situation itself. The thinking forms the belief that we cannot manage change.

My client is generally suffering from one of three fears:

· fear of failure

· fear of criticism

. fear of judgement.

She gives power to her thoughts by engaging in them as if they are factual and correct. This produces two common emotions – guilt from regret over the past and anxiety from worry about the future. Living in the past or the future can stop her from taking intentional steps to grow and move forward.

She is always seeking more control and direction over her life. I am confident that she has the inner expertise, resources and potential to find the way forward. She can decide the content, theme and goal of the coaching conversation since she is the expert on herself.

Before she can change what she is thinking she needs to pay attention to what she is thinking.

Separating our thoughts from the reality of what we know helps build resilience to cope with the increasing uncertainty and impermanence of the world. Using reasoning and reality-testing we go to an uninhabited neutral transition zone to dismantle, defuse and make sense of our negative thoughts.

This is a trip into no-man's-land – a place of uncertainty and fear, full of danger, barbed wire and unexploded landmines. To quote one client “you don't know where the bullets are coming from!”

“By listening, interacting, asking the right questions, Noreen is able to steer (restructure) one's own line of thought in such a way that you start seeing the light for yourself (self-help by guidance)”. AB Cork

I use problem-solving, solution-focused strategies and goal-directed activities, in a logical structured framework, to help discover each client's potential to improve their personal and workplace performance.

If you are looking for plumbing for your brain to replace what is not working, keep what is working, and to adjust the unhelpful mechanisms of your mind, call me now.

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