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Twenty Tough Questions

For Self-awareness

1. Who owns the problem?

2. Whose life is this?

3. Who is the expert here?

4. How is this thinking helping you?

5. How is this behavior helping you?

6. Is there truth in the thought?

7. Where is the evidence for your predictions?

8. What is the physical danger?

9. What is the worst-case scenario?

10. Will it kill you?

11. What do you have control over?

12. What do you know?

13. What can you do?

14. When will you stop apologising?

15. What are the consequences of NOT changing?

16. What's their problem?

17. Is this exchange reasonable?

18. Is this situation constructive?

19. How much energy do you waste here?

20. Can you say ‘No!’ to people?

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