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Wednesday Wakeup for Sean

WEDNESDAY WAKEUP for Sean (not his real name)

I came for help because of

· Overwhelming stress in a new role at work

· A lack of confidence in my ability to do the job.

My biggest challenges were

· Dealing with uncertainty

· Being apprehensive in my approach to a new situation

· Failing to notice the extent of the challenge until things went off course

· Suppressing the importance of the impact of my self-doubt on the whole scenario.

These thoughts and insecurities held me back from seeking help:

· Fear of acknowledging the issue

· Diminishing the extent of the issue

· Worry that I would not be heard or taken seriously by the coach.

I would like to share the following specific improvements:

· Thinking things through for a good resolution rather than firefighting

· Getting more than I anticipated from the coaching

· Discovering my ability to manage uncertainty

· Taking a different more optimistic perspective

· Setting up time at the end of the day for retrospective

· Time management skills.

I would say to the undecided person on the fence who is considering Noreen’s coaching services:

· Don't go past your wits’ end before you get help!

· You don't need to be in a very bad situation before you seek help

· There will be no negative outcome

· It saves you from getting worse – it retains your mental health

· You'll make progress towards your goal

· The stigma around seeking help is unjustified

· A real man comes to terms with who he is

· He can be upset and have issues the same as any other human.

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